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Industrial Precision Ultrasonic Cleaning - KKS Ultraschall AG

A perfect cleaning result depends on a number of different process and control parameters.
Specially designed ultrasonic transducer systems transform electric energy into mechanical vibrations. Those vibrations are transmitted through interlinking elements onto a stainless steel membrane. The deflection of the membrane does create a homogeneous field of   ultrasonic waves in the fluid. In this process, countless millions of tiny vacuum bubbles the size of micrometres are created which implode with high velocity (cavitation). The highly energetic flows (jets) created by cavitation thoroughly remove all kinds of   contamination.

The Swiss based company KKS is the technological leader in this segments of ultrasonic-, industrial high-precision cleaning- & surface technologies and with equipment in the segment of aqueous (water based) cleaning.
KKS is one of the very few manufactures who develops, designs and produces all the components for the Ultrasonic Cleaning needed, so all is coming out of one hand: The cleaning process, the equipment, the Ultrasonic technology, the machine control parameters, the cleaning   detergent, the process parameters, a comprehensive and professional after-sales service.

The KKS Mixed-frequency transducers and generators can work with their full power e.g. with 27 kHz & 80 kHz or with 40 kHz & 100kHz. That gives the great benefit that the parts are exposed in the same cleaning chamber simultaneously to 2 different cleaning procedures at the same time. Thanks to this technology, goods will be cleaned efficiently on easy accessible areas as well as in very small holes and difficult areas or structures.

KKS Ultrasonic develops for every cleaning application the most suitable cleaning detergent.
The special detergent is adapted to the material, the contamination and the requested cleaning result. Every detergent is tested and approved for the use in KKS Ultrasonic systems. The cleaners are water-based, environment friendly, most of them are even bio-degradable.       
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