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Surface-Refinement (Stainless Steel / Titanium) - KKS Ultraschall AG

The development, construction and the distribution of specific equipment for different procedures for the refinement of surfaces such as tumbling (mass-finishing), electro-polishing, passivating, anodizing, dry or wet-blasting are competences which KKS acquired many years of successful business-activity.

In our own Medical Surface Center we do apply all those technologies daily on the highest level of quality and with very high professionalism. Our experts treat every day more than 30’000 parts for all premium customers with focus of the medical industry.

So KKS is experienced and use their application and process knowledge for designing high-end equipment. Therefore we can develop and test together with you your specific equipments and procedures. This gives you the needed certainty, that the procedures and equipments provided by KKS do fulfill your specific requirements.

The Magic Circle of Surface Refinement processes
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