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Zielonka - Air-Freshener

"A product must be helpful in everyday situations, it has to be ecofriendly and sustainable, and shall have been produced under human-friendly and eco-friendly conditions."

Zielonka is a family owned company in the second generation. Incoporated in 1978 only with one machine and Mr. Zielonka sr. himself as his only employee. Today Zielonka is as well a production company, which produces steel parts on CNC lathe machines, as also a trading company which is specialized in the distribution of sustainable houseware goods.
All the family, three brothers, their wives and their children are committed to support one of the two family companies.
The basis of the 'Zilofresh' products is a high-grade Stainless Steel (with special alloys), a material which Mr. Zielonka jr. has known since his childhood, as he has often wokred in his father's workshop – not only in his school holidays.
And in the year 2000 Mr. Zielonka jr. invented his first own product, the nowadays  'Zilofresh - Air-freshener Classic', based on this special material composition.
A product made out of high-grade Stainless Steel, which has - thanks to his special alloy composition - a catalysis effect to the air.
If it will get in contact with water and air, it will neutralize all kind of odors.  An easy to use, ecofriendly and a sustainable product, which never weares out.
By today, Zielonka has developed a complete product range for different applications. The whole 'Zilofresh' range is manufactured exclusively in the company of the brother, which also includes the packing material. So the products are 100% 'Made in Germany' and enjoy a full patent protection.

We as 'Tentum Pte Ltd.' have the honor to bring this innovative and sustainable product exclusivey into the Asia-Pacific market.
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